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Hunan GCE Technology Co., Ltd. (GCE) is a high-tech company specializing in the research, design, and manufacturing of advanced BMS solutions. With over 10 years of experience in BMS development and production. We provide BMS solutions of various specifications with voltages ranging from 12V to 1500V and currents up to 500A, which are widely applied in the fields of UPS, commercial and industrial energy storage, photovoltaic energy storage, and residential energy storage. We are constantly innovating to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and provide them with more efficient and sustainable lithium battery energy storage solutions.


GCE lifepo battery BMS 240S 768V 125A Battery Management System BMS for commercial and industrial energy storage system

BMS voltage range: 120V-750V BMS rated current:125A...

High Voltage BMS 384V 50A Battery Managements System for LFP battery

BMS voltage range: 120V-500V BMS rated current:50A...

Integrated BMS 75S 100A Master Slave BMS with CAN RS485 protocol for Solar Energy Storage Syestem

Voltage range: 84V-370V (30S-75S) Current: 50A / 100A...

Residential Battery Energy Storage System with 384V 512V 50A 100A Smart BMS 16S 51.2V LifePO4 battery

Voltage range: 100V-700V Rated current: 50A / 100A...

LifePO4 BMS 512V 400A 500A Master Slave BMS Battery Management System for ESS UPS

Voltage range: 120V-1000V Rated current: 400A / 500A...

1500V BMS Battery Management System ESS BMS Energy Storage System

Voltage range: 120V-1500V Rated current: 160A / 250A...

Center Tap BMS 480V250A High Voltage BMS Master BMS for Vertiv Eaton Schneider UPS

Voltage range: 120V-1000V Rated current: 160A / 250A...

768V 160A 250A Lifepo4 BMS lithium battery management system for ESS Compatible with DEYE KEHUA GOODWE SOFAR inverter

Voltage range: 120V-1000V Rated current: 160A / 250A...

Why Customers Choose gCE bMS

OEM & ODM Services

We have over 10 years of experience in high-voltage BMS R&D and manufacturing in China. We offer OEM and ODM services.

Quality control

We strictly abide by the ISO9001 quality management system and conduct strict quality inspection processes.

After-sales service

We have a professional after-sales team to provide perfect solutions to customers' after-sales problems.

Application areas

Residential energy storage

Industrial & Commercial ESS

Solar Energy Storage

Uninterruptible Power Supply



Our BMS is compatible with the majority of well-known inverters in the market, such as Deye, Sofar, Growatt, Goodwe, Sungrow, Sinexcel, Atess, Kehua, Megarevo, Bluesun, Voltronic, Sermatec, Golen, Invit, Afore, and more.

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